The MARENDA project delivered its third Training on the Job Activity in partnership with the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA). The training was developed and implemented from 19-28 September at the Nigerian Maritime Resource Development Centre (Kirikiri).

The objectives of the training were the following:

–              Improve knowledge on specific areas of oil spill response.

–              Test and improve communication and coordination between relevant stakeholders involved in contingency planning in Nigeria.

In order to achieve these objectives the training was organized in two different parts. On the one hand a thematic part (19-13 October) that was focused on the following subjects:

  • Characteristics and fate of oil and HNS,
  • Wind and currents effects,
  • Clean-up options in various terrains, on water, shore line and beaches,
  • Command and control structure,
  • Equipment handling – deployment and maintenance,
  • Communication and media handling,
  • Dispersant use techniques,
  • Waste management,

On the other hand, a Tabletop Exercise (26 to 28 September) was carried out with the aim to test communication and coordination between different actors in an oil spill situation

The training gathered approx. 50 participants from NIMASA, NOSDRA and Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).

The event was the third of a series of similar trainings; a first training on the job seminar was carried out in Dakar (Senegal) at the Trainmar Centre from 11-20 January and a second seminar held on in Accra (Ghana) EPA’s facilities from 15-24 February. Further training sessions will be implemented during 2016 within the remaining projects’ priority countries i.e. Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon.