The MARENDA project delivered its first training on the Job activity course on 11-20 January at the Trainmar centre in Dakar, Senegal. The training was developed and implemented in cooperation with the Haute Autorité Chargéé de la Coordination de la Sécurité Maritime et de la Protection de l’Environment Marine (HASSMAR).

The aim of the training was to provide deeper understanding of selected topics within the field of oil spill response and contingency planning. A second objective was to improve capabilities to respond to oil spills in a coordinated manner as well as test and improve communication between different levels of contingency planning.

The training consisted of two parts; one thematic part where focus was put on different themes within the field of oil spill preparedness and response such as clean-up methods, usage of response equipment, strategies to respond to an oil spill and environmental impact of an oil spill. The second part was a table-top exercise where an oil spill was simulated and participants were allowed to test and discuss communication between their organisations in case of such event as well as to make use of their contingency plans.

The training gathered approx. 20 participants from different Senegalese authorities involved in maritime pollution and protection of the marine environment.

The training was the first of a series of similar trainings that will be carried out within the projects’ priority countries i.e. Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.